Colours of Life Awards is a national competition launched by Barclays Bank Mauritius in 2013. It aims at recognising the selfless work and immense contribution of NGOs in Mauritius and Rodrigues, and providing continuous support to vulnerable groups.

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Colours of Life Awards 2019

The 7th edition of Colours of Life assumes a mentorship model to facilitate the transfer of experience from our last year winners to other NGOs. This is in a bid to compete for cash and non-cash prizes from Barclays Mauritius. It is the goal of the Peer Mentorship Model of Colours of Life that there will be a transfer of knowledge, skills and strategy among the NGO’s in order to achieve their various social missions. We invite all NGOs to read through the Colours of Life 2019 Competition Document and apply through this Application Form

Please send the completed application form as well as other relevant documents in hard copy and in binders in an envelope on which you need to write ‘Application Colours of Life Award 2019’ and mention the name of your NGO to:

Barclays Bank
CoL Awards Committee 4th Floor, Barclays House
68-68A, Cyber city, Ebène

Deadline for submission of Applications: 4 p.m on 7 June 2019



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