Get the flexibility to draw money or repay your revolving loan as often as you need within an overall agreed loan limit and agreed term.

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How it works

What you get
  • The flexibility to draw from and repay your loan as often as you need
  • An overall agreed loan limit and during an agreed term
  • No early repayment fees
  • You do not need to reapply for finance
  • You can use it alongside a Term Loan to cater for your discretionary business spend
  • You can repay the loan facility at any time without an additional charge
  • It’s available in a number of currencies, potentially reducing the need for Foreign Exchange risk management    
required documents
What you need to know
  • We commit to providing your Revolving Credit Facility for an agreed term
  • Any property used as security, which may include your home, may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your borrowing.
  • In the event of repayment of a tranche (portion of the money) before the end of an interest period, Floating Rate breakage costs will apply
  • Additional rates will apply for any foreign currency revolving line of credit
  • Our credit revolving facility is subject to separate terms and conditions
required documents
What to bring when you apply

These requirements as per Kenya website – please check and confirm/change

  • Certificate of incorporation or certificate of compliance if not locally incorporated
  • National identification card (for Mauritian citizens) / Passport (for foreigners) for all directors (plus ultimate beneficiary owners if company is owned by other companies) and signatories/known agents
  • One passport size photo each for all the signatories and directors/known agents

  • Board resolution specifying the signing powers on the company letter head sealed with the company seal

  • Residential address confirmation (name Estate, Road and house number) for all directors and signatories (use the attached format)

  • Company physical address confirmation Annual returns (for companies registered over one year ago)

  • Revenue stamp
  • Utility bill not older than 3 months at time of application

Please note: If a document is not in your name, a proof of relationship document should be provided (for example marriage or birth certificate).

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